About Company

PT Gading Bhakti Utama (GBU) is a private company and founded in 2010. We provide a wide range of telecommunications IT solution services for the Telecommunications Industry, Government, Enterprise, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Retail, Transportation, Public Sector, Manufacturing and many more. GBU is operated by experienced professionals with complete licenses of ISP.

Our Vision
~Provide our customers to valued bussines solution using our expertise in the network & IT solution~
Our Mission
~Be Fast - Be Global - Be Connected~

Our Services

Our choice of the best internet service for you



Is an internet service provides businesses with guaranteed DEDICATED bandwidth

Is an internet service provides businesses with guaranteed DEDICATED bandwidth
End to end Fiber Optic cable service
99,5% SLA


Feed your need for faster internet speeds Up To 200 Mbps

Broadband connection with the high performance
Connection with full Fiber Optic cable service
Unlimited quota and affordable price


Your internet and school application package with a reliable internet connection to support the modern learning process with efective cost

School Management System
Learning Management System
School Exams and others

GadingIT Solution

Manage your network services to provide your business, include

Network Maintenance Service with the Professional Team
Monitoring of attached network devices
Monthly status reporting, implementation of upgrades/ patches and user administration

Our Values

Quality, flexible and trustworthy services are our best services.


Cost Effectiveness

The price we provide is the cheapest choice with the best quality and service


Flexibility & Scalability

Our product can flexibly and scalable adjust your model business to increase sales and resources your company



Our quality of being performing consistently well and guaranteed with simple process and flexible according customer needs


Fast Response

Dont worry! our service is non-stop for 24 hours customer service to handle complaints and trobleshooting.


Transfer Knowledge

Our service is not just an ordinary service, but we provide further product knowledge about the internet and networks to our customer


Special Offer

Best price guarantee for customer satisfaction

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